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Exciting Things Coming Your Way

Wow! The feedback I keep getting on One More Summer never stops blowing my mind. You wonderful bunch, thank you for reading it and telling me your thoughts on it.

I was awfully nervous about writing a book about two men with so much emotional baggage, but you seem to like when boys suffer on their journey to find true love.

I love it, too.

Well, we are done with second chances for now. I love them as much as anyone, but there is still so much stuff that I love in gay romance, that I am shivering with excitement to get working again.

What’s next, Hayden?

Let me tell you, my dear imaginary inquisitor! Up next is a book. And it’s a book I’ve been dying to write. Yesterday, I commissioned a cover for it, so there will be a huge official announcement in a couple of weeks, but I can’t leave you hanging to that long. So, here’s the title.

The Nerd Jock Conundrum

Yes, I am! I’m writing a sweet, steamy romance featuring an adorkable nerd, a straight jock, an unlikely friendship, and a huge supporting cast of quirky folks.

And that’s not even all! In about a week, all of the newsletter subscribers are getting a free prequel novella to introduce you to the world of the New Haven campus!

The novella is conveniently titled The Roommate Problem because I can’t keep a secret.

But when, Hayden? WHEN?

You can expect the novella in your inbox anywhere between March 1 and March 5. While it will be ready long before then, Xander and I have a super secret project for the subscribers which we will launch next month, and the novella is coming bundled with it.

All I’m allowed to say is that I am personally super excited about this little thing we’re going to do because, when I was a wee little Hayden, I dreamed of doing just that. And all of your together made it possible. So, March has not one, not two, but three whole things I’ll throw at ya!

The Nerd Jock Conundrum doesn’t have an official release date, but I will tell you that I’m putting all of my efforts into make it happen by March 23. Don’t take this as a solemn promise just yet – I’ll make the announcement a tad later when I have more to work with.

So, about that newsletter. If you’re already on it, you can be at peace and tap your fingers against the table. You’ll get these thingies soon.

And if you’re not, we can solve it quickly. Click here to subscribe and I’ll send you Jake and Viktor’s prequel novella right away to keep you busy while I race to get my next email stuffed and ready.

I’ll see you soon <3

3 thoughts on “Exciting Things Coming Your Way”

  1. Hayden! I’m so glad you decided to write, your stories are fresh and delightful! They have all the parts a story should have and more! Can’t wait for what’s coming and continue supporting you along your journey! You and Xander make a great team! Cheers! Love this

  2. OMG I’m so excited now, I need your book!!! Like now😏 I’m sure it will be amazing because everything you wrote till now was terrific!!!

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