Author Interview with Casey Cox

Casey lives on the east coast of Australia, loves the beach, and is the proud paw-rent of two utterly adorable, perfectly-perfect French Bulldogs: Ralphie and Lilly.

1. You’ve entered the MM genre with a splash. Your 99 Daddies were received incredibly well. How did the idea of kicking things off with a series of Daddy books come about?

Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say.

The idea came to me in the middle of 2020. The world was in the throes of dealing with the pandemic, so like everyone else, my partner and I were at home. We started re-watching Sex and the City. From the start. Every single episode. I mean, what else were we gonna go?

One day, I remember turning to him and saying, “It’d be so cool if there was a gay, male version of this. A group of four older gay guys exploring life and sex.” And ta-da! The idea for 99 Daddies was born.

I’m such a huge fan of the Daddy/boy genre and adore the work of amazing authors like Nora Phoenix, Morticia Knight, M.A Innes, K.M Neuhold. I wanted to do my own take on the genre, though and that’s why 99 Daddies is what I call “daddy-lite.” The Daddy/boy element is there, but there’s also a rom-com, Sex and the City vibe happening as well.

A reader wrote to me saying that they normally don’t read Daddy/boy, but that 99 Daddies was perfect for someone just starting out in the genre. I was like, “That’s cool, I’ll take it.” Haha

2. You’ve just released the second Escape novel, Runaway. How did you celebrate?

Like I celebrate every new book release – with donuts and vodka! One I do in the morning, one I do in the evening, haha.

3. I don’t suppose you ever woke up married, but did you lend yourself to the characters in Runaway? Which one and how?

There’s always at least one element of me in every character that I write. It doesn’t have to be a massive trait, and unfortunately it’s not six-pack abs and muscles that we have in common, but there’s always something.

In Runaway, with Conrad it’s his travels. I traveled a lot after graduating high school and before starting university, so when he talks about where he’s been, I’ve been in those places myself.

With Jedfire, you’re right, I haven’t woken up married in Vegas. Although that is my ultimate fantasy. I’m Australian so perhaps the idea of getting drunk in Vegas and going to an Elvis chapel has been glamorized by Hollywood, but there’s only one way to find out, right? Thankfully, my partner is onboard, so fingers crossed!

The quality I share with Jedfire would be insecurities about physical appearance. While I’m not almost seven foot tall like he is, I am tall and I stood out for that, especially in high school. 

4. Is there a particular MM romance trope you’re dying to explore?

Oh my gosh, yes! But not just one, there are so many different books I want to write. My “Ideas” Google doc is up to about 40 pages with plot bunnies, lines, characters, titles… I just need a few lifetimes to get to them!

An MM romance trope that I’ve just finished exploring is “former bully”. The next book in the Escape series, Faraway deals with that. I was bullied a lot in high school. Being tall, gay, and an immigrant at an all-boys high school in Australia in the last 1990s was not a fun experience for me. 

It was amazing to write an MM romance where I could share so many snippets of my own personal experience. And ultimately, it’s a story of celebration, overcoming past hurts and forgiveness – both of yourself and the other person. I actually cried a lot writing it, and not just at the epilogue.

5. What’s in store for Casey Cox fans after the Escape series?

I have just been working on my plans for the second half of the year and into next year. I hate giving vague answers, but because nothing has been finalized, I don’t want to say something and then plans change and it disappoints someone.

So, let me be vague and cryptic instead!

If you get my weekly newsletter, you’ll know all about my beautiful French Bulldog puppies, Ralphie and Lilly… so they’ve kinda inspired me to write a series…

November will be my first year anniversary so I might do something novella-tastic that month.

Oh, and in the new year, did someone say sports trilogy?

Haha, but like I said, please don’t hate me if my next series ends up being a historical, MPREG alien adventure…with Sex and the City vibes.

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