Content Warnings

Please keep in mind that this page is only meant to be seen by readers who may be sensitive to certain subjects and prefer to know if such subjects are depicted in Hayden Hall’s works. This page contains spoilers for books listed below.

Damaged is a stand-alone novel in the shared world Unlucky 13 series. Please proceed with caution if any of the following subjects upset you.

  • On page substance and alcohol abuse.
  • Grief over the tragic loss of a loved one.
  • Active suicidal ideations. Near suicide attempt.
  • Homophobic slurs.
  • Past physical abuse.
  • Explicit sexual content between two consenting adults.
  • Foul language.

If you are okay with reading about these topics, rest assured, the story ends on a positive note and reaches a satisfying conclusion. Get cozy and visit Black Diamond Resort & Spa. Matthew and Tiago are expecting you.