Daddy's Precious: An Age Gap MM Romance

There’s only one rule: don’t fall in love.


He’s the strangest man I’ve ever met; a true artist.

When Nicholas hired me for two weeks of shooting for his comeback collection, everyone warned me he was a hard man to work with.

Nobody thought to warn me about falling in love with him.

The moment I lifted my T-shirt and the shutter snapped, the sparks exploded and I couldn’t rid myself of those feelings.

No matter the gossip that follows him, he makes one thing clear: never mix work and lust.


The boy’s a natural; a proper sub.

He’s also the model that dragged me back into the business. When he moved into my house in the mountains, it was supposed to be business as usual. Except, it’s never business as usual.

I’ve been burned in the past and I swore never to let my guard down around another model, but that’s easier said than done when Dylan is all innocent attraction.

I must resist him, or else I’ll fall in love with him.

Daddy’s Precious is a full length MM romance with high steam, a man and a boy hurting from old wounds, one adorable kitten, and a guaranteed happily ever after. It can be read as a standalone.

Reviewers Have Said...


I started this book before bed. I thought I was just going to read a couple of chapters and then go to sleep. I did not. I stayed up and read this entire book in one sitting and I had to work the next day. I regret nothing. I still have a book hangover and it has been days since I have finished this.


The book is a very subtle exploration of how the dynamic develops between two remarkably different people in hugely different situations and places in their lives.


This book was so much more than I was prepared for. This book made me feel, made me sit back and enjoy every bit of the journey, from the first word to the last. That doesn’t happen often, and kudos to Hayden Hall for this experience.