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Destructive Relations: A Stepbrothers to Lovers MM Romance

I’ve been the good son all my life. He’s been the troublemaker.

Parrish Turner has always been my ultimate fantasy. He was my gay awakening, my sweetest torture, and my forbidden fruit ever since my father remarried and merged our families.

And he never even noticed me.

Now, five years after I’d last seen him, we’re back in the same house. Even worse, we’re in tight quarters, forced to share the same bed.

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I’m snowed in with my crush. What could go wrong?

Michael is funny, confident, and drop-dead gorgeous. He’s also straight. He made that clear five years ago when I kissed him. It was the last time he spoke to me. It took a continent between us to calm my aching heart.

He danced back into my life now when nobody else could help me, offering a chance to be my friend again. Or is he offering more? Getting stuck in his mountain cabin is more than I can take. The snow won’t chill the ache. If we don’t get out of here soon, I might just do something stupid.

He’s going out of his way to atone for the way he treated me and I feel my resolve breaking. I can’t always be the one doing the smart thing.

Something stupid… Here I come.

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Destructive Relations: Bonus Chapter

One more steamy scene for those who can take it!

Join Parrish and Levi on their first day of honeymooning for one last heated chapter.

The story might be over, but these boys are way too much fun to simply leave behind.

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Note: this short story is best read after you’ve read the novel.

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The writing is great; fast, fluid and full of intriguing characters. I continue to be delighted by this author.

Amy Dufera @ Amy's MM Romance Reviews

Hayden Hall

Gay. Sweet. Steamy.

Hayden Hall writes MM romance novels. He is a boyfriend, a globetrotter, and an avid romance reader.

Hayden’s mission is to author a catalog of captivating and steamy MM romance novels which gather a devoted community around the Happily Ever Afters.

His stories are sweet with just the right amount of naughty.