Arctic Titans of Northwood U

He used to be the love of my life. Now, he is my sworn enemy. And my newest teammate. Cam and I collide at every turn. We make a terrible team. And the history between us is best left untouched.

He is irresistible. He is my biggest weakness. And, when I’m near him, I want to make all the same mistakes.

My physics tutor is the smartest geek on campus. He’s also terrible at dating. And a good thing he is because a deal to tutor one another is the only thing standing between me and dropping out of college.

But we quickly take our lessons a little too seriously, and we start learning lessons neither of us was expecting.

Destined to Fail

Parrish Turner has always been my ultimate fantasy. He was my gay awakening, my sweetest torture, and my forbidden fruit ever since my father remarried and merged our families.

And he never even noticed me. The most I got from him was a passing growl. And it was enough to make me wild with desire.

Aaron stumbled into my arms and I wasn’t able to let go of him since. He’s so hurt and lost that he makes me want to be his protector.

New feelings rise very quickly. Being around him makes me imagine things a straight, taken guy has no business wanting. But the longer he’s with us, the more I want him all for myself.

I’m the prince of the night; the fulfillment of every one of your desires; the human form of every dirty thought you’ve ever had.If you can afford me, of course.

Luca DiMarco can afford me. The flashy socialite and the hottest face of the upper echelon, he’s loaded enough that entire weekends with me are nothing more than pocket change.

Frat Brats of Santa Barbara

We think we’re fooling everyone with our fake relationship, but maybe we are the only fools around.

If the guy I love is what it costs to keep my crown, I don’t think I want it.

He’s as off-limits as a guy can be. So why do I want no one but him?

I fell in love with my worst enemy. Twice. To be fair, once was in disguise.

Remember not to get drunk married to your best friend. It’s not rocket science.

My big brother’s best friend and I are the least likely couple you’ll ever see. Until the lights go out.

My ex boyfriend and current nemesis is now my boss. I would like to punch him if I weren’t so busy wanting to kiss him.

College Boys of New Haven

tnjc hh cover the nerd jock conundrum

A chemistry nerd should know opposites always attract.

If love makes sense to you, you’re doing it wrong.

When an adorable force meets an irresistible object they might just fall in love.

I keep falling for Dallas, and it’s not just gravity’s fault.

History will repeat itself if I fall for another straight(ish) guy.


We’re a match made in Hell. But maybe eternal damnation is worth it if it gets me a night with him.

Running away is only the first step. Moving on is the hardest.

Grant desperately needs a distraction, but that distraction might just be the very boy he loves.

There’s no one recipe for it, but every happy ending needs a pinch of love.

Loving Again

Not even time can heal these wounds.

I’m snowed in with my crush. What could go wrong?

A house in need of repair. A boy in need of love.

Healing Touch

There’s only one rule: don’t fall in love. And I’m dead set on breaking it.

Falling for my temporary host wasn’t part of the plan.

The Long Way Home

Cold-hearted Max Cullen is incapable of loving anyone but himself.

One of us regrets, the other one forgets.