College Boys of New Haven

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The Nerd Jock Conundrum

Hayden Hall

A chemistry nerd should know opposites always attract.

The Three Hearts Equation

Hayden Hall

If love makes sense to you, you’re doing it wrong.

The Two Stars Collision

Hayden Hall

When an adorable force meets an irresistible object they might just fall in love.

Loving Again

One More Shot

Hayden Hall

Not even time can heal these wounds.

One More Spin

Hayden Hall

I’m snowed in with my crush. What could go wrong?

One More Summer

Hayden Hall

A house in need of repair. A boy in need of love.

Healing Touch

Daddy's Precious

Hayden Hall

There’s only one rule: don’t fall in love.

Daddy's Stubborn

Hayden Hall

Falling for my temporary host wasn’t part of the plan.


With A Pinch Of Love

Hayden Hall

There’s no one recipe for it, but every happy ending needs a pinch of love.